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Non-magnetic drill collar
AISI 4145H

AISI 4145H

Henan Shenlong"s petroleum drilling tools include Drill Collar,Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Stabilizer, Kelly,Non-Magnetic Drill Collar,Non-Magnetic Stabilizer,Non-Magnetic Flex Collar etc.
Stell drilling tools are made form AISI4145H or AISI4145H MOD alloy stell. After quemching and tempering through 20 meters horizontal intermedium frequency heat-treatment line or 10 meters pit type quenching and tempering furnace, specimen are taker from one inch beneath the outer surface from both ends of each bar.Hardness can reach HB285-341,impact value above 54Joules and other mechanical properties conform with API SPEC7-1.
For non-magnetic steel,from steel making,forging,machining,inspecting and testing,Shenlong produces the ono-magnetic drilling tools all by itself and supervises the whole process very rigidly. The superior performances of shenglong"s non-magnetic steel have been well approved by our customers worldwide. Shenglong"s each product can be traceable. Upon receipt of raw material, shenglong"s QC employee will dia-stamp the exclusive serial number on both ends of material.Then after each produing process,QC department will perform inspection, they will record the inspection result and keep the record according to the requirements of QMS.

Integral Blade Stabilizer

Drill Collar

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe


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Non-magnetic Drill collar      Drill collar

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