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Non-magnetic drill collar
AISI 4145H

Non-magnetic drill collar

Henan Shenlong"s non magnetic products include non magnetic drill collar,non magnetic flex collar,non magnetic stabilizer forging etc.Material is high purity stainlesss teel.

Strict control of chemical composition and low temperature forging guarantee the excellent mechanical properties of Shenglong"s non-magnetic products. Tensile strength is 10 to 20 percent higher than the requirement of API Spec 7-1. Minimum Brinell hardness is above 285 and minimum impact value is over 130 Joules. Shenlong"s non-magnetic products are highly corrosion-resistant, which greatly extends the service life of drilling tools in a corrosive atmosphere. The maximum relative magnetic permeability of non-magnetic tools can be controlled to less than 1.005, which increases the accuracy of measurements taken during directional drilling.

Magnetic Properties:Drill Collar shall have a relative magnetic permeability less than 1.01 Field gradient measurement:The magnetic field in the bore of new drill collars shall exhibit deviation from a uniform magnetic field not exceeding ±0.05μT

Corrosion resistance requirements:Shenlong"s all non magnetic products can pass the corrosion test specified in ASTM A 262 Practice E.

Non Magnetic Drill Collar

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Non-magnetic Drill collar      Drill collar

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